WIP Wednesday: Photo Challenged

There comes a time when one is blogging about a lace project that one reaches the point where the photos just can’t do justice to the piece. When all the stitches are squashed on the needle and it looks like no progress has been made there is little a knitter can do to make a lump of yarn, even if it has beads, look fresh and exciting. Yes, Celestarium has reached that point. I have honestly made loads of progress since I showed you the photo the other day. I am on chart E which is the second to the last chart and I am knitting away on it a bit each day but the lump I have to show you doesn’t tell that story. Sometimes photos just don’t help. Again, there is no blue even if that is what the photo says. The yarn is Misti Alpaca hand paint lace in LP 43 aka ceniza

I have 2 other things on the needles at the moment. I have the Steampunkery socks that haven’t had a stitch knit on them since I showed you the photo on Monday. Feel free to click the link to see how they looked then if you are wildly interested. On Monday I realized that I needed a mindless project to take to Knit Night. I knew I could work on Celestarium if I had to. It is fairly mindless except for the counting. The tinking back on that is not so fun so I decided to err on the side of caution and cast on a simple sock. The pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes. The yarn is Project B Dinah sock yarn in a lovely shade of green (not blue even if that is what the photo is telling you). I had the yarn wound for another pattern I had tried that didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped so I just ripped the stitches out and started these. The pattern is easy peasy but the socks end up looking fancy so it’s a win win. I am currently fighting the urge to just knit them up quick but that would defeat the entire purpose of having a simple sock for when out and about.

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14 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Photo Challenged

  1. YarnyDragonfly says:

    You are making great progress on your shawl and sock! I really like the sock pattern. It’s nice to have a couple of projects going that keep you wanting to knit.


  2. Marilyn says:

    The shawl sounds very cool..can’t wait to see it finished!
    Cute sock pattern! 🙂


  3. Janet says:

    I love the reveals of lace projects — first when it come off the needles and then the magic of blocking. Celestarium will be beautiful. Vanilla Latte Socks is one of my favorite patterns.


  4. chrisknits says:

    Looks like you are back in the swing of things. Hoping everyone continues to be well.


  5. Pumpkin says:

    Fancy socks are always great! I think that getting to watch a large lace project all curled up finally get blocked is just awesome!


  6. oo I like that sock pattern 🙂 Added to my never ending rav queue lol. Your shawl is looking lovely, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I love the blocking stage with lace, it’s magical how a messy looking pile of knitting can suddenly be transformed into something beautiful


  7. Everything looks great! I have that problem when knitting shawls too. Sometimes I’ll transfer some stitches to a second needle, but nostly I can’t be bothered, lol


  8. Your Celestarium looks a lot like a Sea Urchin at the moment 🙂 It IS hard to blog lace shawls after a certain point, isn’t it? Love the sock yarn colour and the pattern looks like it’s going to be a very comfy, well-fitted sock!


  9. Your Celestarium sure does tempt me!!!!! 🙂


  10. Pat(ricia) says:

    Having mindless knitting available is ALWAYS a good thing, temptations be damned! Sometimes it’s just what is needed, despite out best intentions … but keep on keeping on … the shawl is going to be beautiful! 🙂


  11. Kepanie says:

    I like that foamy sea green color. You are quick on that shawl!


  12. Lisa says:

    I need more solid socks. Lovely pattern and yarn choice (even though it’s a different color in reality). I can’t wait to see Celestrium off it’s needles.


  13. The shawl is coming along and will be gorgeous to be sure. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂


  14. Samantha says:

    Fantastic these are great x


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