4KCBWDAY3: Infographic

Day Three (Wednesday April 24th): Infographic
There are many ways of conveying information on a blog; text and images being the two most widely used. Many infographics combine both these elements to provide a visual way of presenting text information.

Make your own infogaphic (no fancy imaging software needed, you can draw it on paper and photograph it if you want) to convey any element of your craft(s). It can be just for fun or a thoroughly researched presentation of an idea/finding. Here is a very quick example that I made just for fun, which took me under three minutes.

There will be nobody checking on how accurate your infographics are. They may be just for fun (like the one above – I don’t have that huge a yarn stash and it certainly didn’t you any actual statistics – though if I had taken the time, I could have worked out the rate at which I knit yarn by looking at how many metres of yarn I had knit over the last year, calculated the total amount of yarn in my stash in metres and used a calculation of the average life expectancy of a woman in the UK minus my current age to find an actual calculation… but as I said, this took three minutes.

The whole point of this topic is to experiment with infographics as a way of sharing facts, information and ideas, and to explore another tool in a blogger’s arsenal of communication options.

For more information and inspiration on infographics, look here. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to produce and infographic search the web for ‘Infographic Maker’ to find many free tools for making your own, or embrace the old school with some paper and a pencil.

How Much Time I Think I Spend Knitting

How Much Time I Actually Spend Knitting

Time is my enemy. I am always trying to find more time to do everything but particularly more time to do the things I enjoy like knit. Until I have a time turner I will be losing the battle.

If you’d like to read more Knit and Crochet Week Day 3 posts please search the tag 4KCBWDAY3 in your favorite search engine.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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25 Responses to 4KCBWDAY3: Infographic

  1. monsteryarns says:

    And of course the third pie chart is how much time you want to spend knitting v. how much time for everything else!


  2. Gracey says:

    Time turners would be very useful…


  3. Marilyn says:

    A time turner could be helpful but someone to help/do the housework would be acceptable too. Just think of the knitting that could be done if housework was eliminated from the list… 🙂


  4. Love your sketches, and yes, it’s true, it’s hard to spend as much time knitting as we want to!


  5. autumngeisha says:

    So true! For me, knitting time is a few minutes here & there. Sometimes takeout pizza gives me a few extra minutes 🙂


  6. Lisa says:

    You still seem to get a lot of knitting done, but I completely understand where you are coming from. There just isnt enough time in the day.


  7. Nice infographics, lol. If I were to chart how much time I spend thinking about knitting, well, um, there would not really be anything else on that chart!


  8. pigtails says:

    I neglect the house and hook oops. Lovely to see a hand drawn graph!


  9. iknead2knit says:

    Thanks again for the nomination, I’ve spent waaaay too much time reading new blogs the past few days. Yes, I think the buttons really make the sweater pop and better yet, they were in the sale bins at Hobby Lobby! Thanks for reading and commenting.


  10. chrisknits says:

    I was waiting for the chart that showed how much time everyone else thinks you spend knitting where it is almost completely colored green! My chart would have how much time I spend sleeping! It’s my time suck. LOL


  11. stitchnpurrl says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if knitting could trade places with doing everything else 😉


  12. I fear this is the way of most people……sadly 😦


  13. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Does thinking about knitting count toward knitting time, or time doing everything else?? Sometimes (most of the time!) I think I spend more time thinking about knitting than actually doing it.


  14. Laura says:

    Love your sketch! If I were to chart mine should include how much time I spend on Ravelry when I could be knitting 😉


  15. Time is always the enemy! Too bad we can’t switch the two and spend all the time knitting and only a little bit of the time doing everything else 😉


  16. Vivianne says:

    Man, that’s a sad chart 🙂


  17. Kepanie says:

    It’s so interesting how an inforgraphic can convey something so much more than describing it in words or thinking about it yeah? The realistic life of a mother I tell you.


  18. Nisse says:

    Hehe, if I were to draw a graph like this I would include the time I spend on Ravelry. Although it makes so many things much easier, it seriously eats up my knitting time.


  19. Shinybees says:

    I like the way you have grouped ‘doing everything else’ into one category as its remit is so varied and wide ranging!


  20. Marie says:

    It’s all about priorities. If having a sparkly clean house is less important to you than knitting, you can afford to spend more time knitting.


  21. Fiona says:

    I feel the same way about time 😦 ‘Doing everything else’ is such a pain!


  22. My husband would say the green and blue should be reversed 😉 lovely post and graphics!


  23. Emily says:

    No, what really would be a scary chart is how much time we spend thinking about knitting! ;-D


  24. I really should have drawn my graph.


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