I’ve Got No Excuse

I am quite indulgent with my knitting whims. It is a hobby after all. I do try to not be wasteful with money or yarn but sometimes I just have to find out why. Why what you ask? Well as a knitter who spends more time than they should reading blogs and poking around on Ravelry I tend to see trends. And when something is being knit by so many people I wonder what am I missing out on. Back in the dark ages before Ravelry trends were commonplace. Things like Broadripple Socks, Charlotte’s Web shawls and Rogue sweaters passed through the blogs like a virus. Now with Ravelry there is a central place to see just how viral a pattern has become. So I’ve seen bunches of Honey Cowls on blogs and over 10,000 projects on Ravelry. I figured there had to be something there so I cast on one. So far so good. The yarn is Paton’s Classic Wool in mercury that I picked up at Michael’s with a coupon over the weekend. So tell me do you ever cast on just because everyone else is?


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9 Responses to I’ve Got No Excuse

  1. Chrisknitsb says:

    Nope. I only knit what I think is pretty or useful. If it happens to be something that is the rage, OK, but if I didn’t already like it, I won’t knit it. I did like Honey Cowl, and did make one, the smaller one. Will likely make a full sized one someday.


  2. Marilyn says:

    I don’t think I ever have. But I do take notice of how many people have knit a certain pattern before I start on it. If many have knit it I figure it must be an easy/understandable pattern.


  3. Michelle says:

    All the time! I’m such a follower 🙂 I don’t ever try to resist. I have my eye on a Wingspan and Color Affection Shawl and of course the Honey Cowl. I knit other things too…I have my own brain but I do like to knit what everyone else does too 🙂


  4. Renee Anne says:

    I have a bunch of stuff in my queue that others have knit…three or six years ago. I may eventually get to them, when they’re ten years out of date 🙂

    I don’t pay attention to trends too much because there are some things that are just timeless and others that I see as kind of a fluff of dust in the wind. I probably won’t make anything from the dust pile…maybe not. I don’t know.


  5. Ginger says:

    I’m usually ~6 months to a year behind the trend, then I realize why everyone liked it so much!


  6. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I think it’s interesting to see what the trends are, but I’m like Chrisknits, it has to be something I like or would use. I also knit the Honey Cowl, but didn’t realize how popular it was! It is a fun knit and makes a beautiful cowl…hmmm….I think I’ll make another one….


  7. Michelle says:

    I’ve definitely seen a lot of Honey Cowls around the web. But, I do believe yours is the first I’ve seen in this sort of dark, grey/black color. LOVE it.


  8. Lisa says:

    Not a specific project, but definitely a specific TYPE of project, like when sock yarns were really trendy I just HAD to learn!


  9. Kepanie says:

    Oh yes! Idlewood was a pattern I had bought b/c it was so popular and I fell in love with it.
    That mercury is smashing! I have made this honey cowl, but in a short version. The st pattern is really cool and has great texture.


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