WIP Wednesday: Camouflage

As I mentioned the other day I had a generous amount of time to knit between cooking and shoveling while we were enjoying our snowbound weekend. I needed something that wouldn’t require too much thought and could be dropped and picked up without issue. Enter the yarn that Liz gave me. It has been sitting on my dresser and every time I looked at it I was curious how it would knit up. I could see that the color repeats were short so something plain would be best so I grabbed a skein and cast on. The pattern I’m using is the one I keep in my head, 64 sts on my favorite 2.5mm needles but I used the picot edge from Carole’s Picot Edge Socks (pdf link) to get started. This will be my second pair of picot edge socks. I don’t know why I don’t knit more this way. The edge is cute and easy to knit. The yarn is BellaLana Marathon in color 429 and I finally found a link. I like the way the yarn is knitting up. It reminds me of camouflage so the picot edge gives that feminine touch.

See how cute the picot edge looks up close. I think this photo is a better representation of the colors too. I tried this sock on last night and it fits just right. With the picot edge and no ribbing a bit of negative ease is necessary to hold the sock up. I did a 6 1/2 inch cuff to hit the point on my calf where it starts to get bigger and that will also help hold the sock in place. I can already tell I’m going to love these socks.

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18 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Camouflage

  1. Marilyn says:

    I love the picot edge and the color is very cool. You can wear them if you ever want to sneak up on the bunnies in your yard. 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    Yea, the picot edge is fun but the negative ease thing didn’t really work in my favor on the one pair I made — they felted a bit so now they’re a pain to put on. But anyways, I love that yarn too, it’s very fun!


  3. Nice job! I knit a pair of camouflage for a soldier a few years ago and thought the leg length was endless!!


  4. I’ve never knit a picot edge…such a pretty way to dress up camo!


  5. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I love how these socks are turning out! The picot edge is brilliant and adds a nice touch!


  6. That picot edge really is a nice detail on what seems to be an otherwise quite vanilla sock. Of course, with camo yarn stockinette is probably the way to go!


  7. elpalchica says:

    I had NO idea that would turn out camoflage! The picot edge is a hilarious touch.


  8. Random Knits says:

    I think the camo and picot edge is a really hilarious combination. They kinda contradict each other. I love it


  9. Beth says:

    Pretty picot and pretty colors.


  10. I love the picot edge, but even though I now do crochet provisional cast ons, I still have nightmares about the other way and hate them. Yours is lovely. I think I’m inspired.


  11. Janet says:

    Great socks! I really like the picot edge. Something new I’ll need to try.


  12. Your socks are gorgeous I love the pivot edge.


  13. That’s a very interesting pattern on the leg … sort of like UFOs, or something!


  14. Chrisknitsb says:

    Whoa, it’s been a time for you. Want to start February over? Hope you get un-house bound and have cozy socks soon.


  15. Natalie says:

    Your socks are gorgeous!


  16. Kepanie says:

    This is a cool sock. I like how a woman can wear camo. The picot edge is great.


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