While watching TV

I grabbed this horrible photo from the show Elementary. It shows Watson aka Lucy Liu wearing an adorable hat and cowl (or maybe wrapped scarf). I love the scarf/cowl. It looked so warm and snuggly. But the thing I really loved about seeing this on a TV show was how they don’t match. In my real life as a knitter nothing I own matches. I’ve got an assortment of patterns and colors that I mix and match with wild abandon. Now I want something new to wrap around my neck too.


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6 Responses to While watching TV

  1. Marilyn says:

    It does look like a lucious scarf/cowl! It doesn’t take very long to knit a cowl… 😉


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I wonder what pattern that is? It looks so snuggly and warm. I also like to watch for knitted items worn on TV, the news, in movies, etc.


  3. Chrisknitsb says:

    It likely will show up on Ravelry. Or there might already be something similar. Looks cozy. I haven’t able to watch that show because I do not care for her acting style. She seems way to wooden and stiff.


  4. Kepanie says:

    Great set she has on. This is one of our favorite shows too.


  5. Lisa says:

    I know that feeling. I always have the issue of whether or not i want my hat and scarf to match before I leave the house. Usually they don’t.


  6. Susan says:

    We enjoy this show too! Love the non-matching hat and cowl!


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