So Yesterday

was one of those crazy days in the car. I drove N to school, drove H to the subway for work and then had to drive my father to the doctor in Boston. H added an extra layer of crazy calling to tell me she was done for the day and coming home. Since she was in Boston I had her meet me at the doctor’s office and then we headed out of town. By this point it was nearly lunch time so we decided to stop at a new place whose billboard I had just seen. Burger Dive just recently opened in the parking lot near Christmas Tree Shop at the Assembly Square shopping center in Somerville. We had seen them working on the building a few months ago and I’d made a mental note to keep my eye out for their opening. When we walked in there was no one waiting to order so we quickly looked at the menu and made our choices. H had the Ultimelt which she totally enjoyed. My mother and I opted for plain burgers, hers with cheese and mine without. We also got an order of french fries and sodas. There was a few minutes wait while our food was cooked but we grabbed our drinks and got a table. I couldn’t wait to try my burger hence the bites missing in the photo. Sorry about that. The branded burger was super cute and the taste delicious. The fries were really crisp on the outside with a nice potato taste. The prices are higher than 5 Guys but in line with Fuddruckers. I enjoyed the food more than both of those places. The reviews on Yelp are a bit mixed. I think you’ve got to give it a try yourself. I also think they’ve worked out a few kinks since they first opened. By the time we were leaving there was a line waiting to order. I think we’ll be going back soon.

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4 Responses to So Yesterday

  1. Marilyn says:

    Sure looks like a good burger. 🙂 We have 5 Guys here but I haven’t tried it yet and have never heard of this place….


  2. Susan says:

    Actually, I thought the bites were intentional – the burger looks like a heart! My husband was dying for a burger this weekend, and I think we will have to try this next time he has that craving (likely next weekend, lol).


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    It looks and sounds delicious – can’t wait to give it a try!


  4. Kepanie says:

    Oh boy! I haven’t a burger for ages!


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