In Which I Set Goals


I am not great at getting stuff done. I tend to slack off on things when I feel that I have too much on my plate. Sure I get done those things that have to be done because others will be affected like grocery shopping, laundry or dishes but those things that are mine alone tend to get skipped. In an effort to get my shit self together I’m setting up a few goals. I doubt I’ll stick with them but I can try.

  1. Workout. I am not someone who goes to the gym. Going to the gym is a totally foreign idea to me. I do have a Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and the Wii Fit to keep me moving right at home in my living room. The goal will be 6 days a week, I’d like to do 7 but more likely I’ll get in 4 or 5. I need this for a few reasons but mainly I’m not sleeping very well and I think if I exhaust myself sleep might be easier.
  2. I really need to let go of the things that are weighing me down. The things I have no control over. I have spent the last 7 months dwelling on a situation I didn’t create. The way I’ve handled the part that affects others I’m satisfied with (notice I didn’t say happy with) but I have internalized too much and taken it personally. It isn’t about me even though I was the one who was screwed. I did nothing wrong. I did everything right. Right now I need to walk away and not look back. The not looking back is the hard part. 
  3. I need a new attitude for the way I deal with the stuff I have to do. There is no point in complaining about it or feeling put upon. Just sucking it up and dealing is the easiest way to go. It’s the right thing to do so I have to do it.
  4. I also need a new attitude when dealing with people whose shit I take. The smiling and nodding thing isn’t working for me. If someone is going to whine and complain to me about things they haven’t dealt with because “people don’t really understand” I’m calling them out on it. Deal with your issues and don’t look for pity from me.
  5. Finally my knitting. I have got to get a handle on the UFOs. There are a few sweaters sitting waiting to be completed. I need to either rip them out or finish them. The wool is wasted just sitting in a bag while I’m cold and could really use something to keep me warm. I will try to complete the first two sweaters by the end of March. I know once I get going on them I will get them done.

So do you have any goals you’d like to set?


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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6 Responses to In Which I Set Goals

  1. Michelle says:

    You can do it! I took a huge step recently…I called the YMCA and asked about joining. I only asked and haven’t committed but at least I asked 🙂 It’s time for me to make some changes as well! And hearing your story inspired me. I think I’m going to go ahead and call the Y back and sign on the dotted line!


  2. Michelle says:

    Goal setting is such a great way to compartmentalize the things we want to accomplish. I hope you’re able to use this list to keep you focused and on track.


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a good set of goals to work from. I think the hardest thing is just to make up your mind to start something (whatever it is) and then it gets a little easier each day from there to stick with the plan. Good luck – I know you can do whatever you set your mind to!


  4. Chrisknitsb says:

    I am always thinking of them, but never following through. In knitting I, too, have things that need to be dealt with. One shawl has become a focus to rip and turn into Citron instead. But it’s mohair. Ripping mohair that has been partially knit for 8 years? Freezer first.


  5. Susan says:

    Um, well, we almost have the exact same list! I’ve been trying to deal with my UFO’s in a couple of ways. Some have been frogged and the yarn will be repurposed. A couple are languishing in WIP limbo, and I’m trying to work those into my knitting plans. I have found that if I knit a few things I’m dying to knit, then plan on working on a WIP, I can actually stick to that plan.


  6. Cookie says:

    Oh, honey, I feel ya. xo


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