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WIP Wednesday: I’ve Been A Slacker

I am a lazy knitter. I don’t like to think when I knit. I like to just do it. This is wrong. I am wasting valuable brain here. Really I should be stretching my skills, learning new stuff, trying new … Continue reading

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I remember way back when we had decided to adopt a child I was talking to a friend about nature vs. nurture. She said she really thought so much was nature and I disagreed and said I thought that more … Continue reading

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Tasty Cookies

Molasses Crinkles 3/4 C. vegetable shortening 1 C. brown sugar 1 egg 4 Tbsp. molasses 2 1/4 C. flour 1/2 tea. salt 2 tea. baking soda 1/2 tea. cloves 1 tea. cinnamon 1 tea. ginger Preheat oven to 350 degrees … Continue reading

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I Still Get Toys For Christmas

Yes, my parents still buy me toys for Christmas. I wanted to give this one a good test drive before I gave you my opinion on it. The Sodastream is a machine for making your own soda at home. It … Continue reading

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I Knew It Was Coming

but still I am unhappy about it. I’ve been wearing this cardigan¬†for years. It predates Ravelry.¬†I’m sure if I went on a treasure hunt I could find it on the blog somewhere near the beginning. It’s been my favorite sweater … Continue reading

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FO Friday: Now What?

I am so pleased to say that I finished my socks and I love them! I have been coveting real striped socks for quite some time and finally I got some self-striping sock yarn and got them done. The yarn … Continue reading

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Slow Start Thursday

So I had a terrible time getting out of bed this morning. Not only was I cold but I was tired. One should never stay up late to knit. I knew the only way to get a little extra knitting … Continue reading

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