Slow Start Thursday

So I had a terrible time getting out of bed this morning. Not only was I cold but I was tired. One should never stay up late to knit. I knew the only way to get a little extra knitting time was to borrow it from some other time category. I know better than to steal from sleep but I did and the whole time and well after I kept thinking about afterthought heels. Yes, afterthought heels keep your stripes but really, whose foot is shaped like that? I can promise you mine is not. But all in all the sock fits OK. I will wear it too once I get the other one done. Now to find time for that.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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7 Responses to Slow Start Thursday

  1. chrisknits says:

    It does look a little deformed. Not sure anyone has a heel that skinny! Love the bright colors.


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I can relate to your slow start today! 🙂


  3. Pumpkin says:

    I’ve never tried those before because I really like the heels I already know how to do. The afterthought heel is a little goofy, but maybe worth it if you can keep the amazing striping going


  4. Lisa says:

    Hmmm I have never tried those, but it’s interesting to think about how different they are than others.


  5. Marilyn says:

    Never have done an afterthought heel. Looks interesting though!! 😀


  6. Kepanie says:

    Pls take a pic of these on your feet especially the heel area. I’m curious to see how it fits and all.


  7. Cookie says:

    Don’t we all steal time from one area or other? I know I do it far too often. I hope you think the heel was worth it. I think it’s lovely for what it’s worth.


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