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A Small Assortment Of Annoying

Yesterday while H had one of her tutees (I am amazed that that is actually the right word) here I spent the time catching up on all the blogs on my google reader. This morning I took a quick look … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Another Week, The Same Socks

I’m still knitting along on the same pair of socks. At least I am making good progress on the second sock. Unfortunately by the time I thought to take a photo any hope of natural light was gone. Even sitting … Continue reading

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Crack Cookies

As I’m sure you know there are chocolate people and vanilla people. When given a choice I always pick chocolate be it cookies, ice cream or candy. But there is something about these plain vanilla cookies. I can not stop … Continue reading

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FO Friday: I Win!

After posting Wednesday about the voice in my head being so doubtful about the sock I had to post today to show you that yes, I win! The sock fits pretty well. It is a bit loose at the toe … Continue reading

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I am so lucky to be surrounded by thoughtful people. When Liz was away at Christmas in Ireland visiting her family I was tapped to keep an eye on their house. It’s right next door so keeping an eye and … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Don’t Tell Me I’m Crazy

For as long as I can remember, just over half a century give or take, I have had a running commentary in my head. I don’t know if this is “normal” or if it comes from years of spending time … Continue reading

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No Really It Wasn’t A Truck

Sorry to have disappeared for basically a week. I have had a sinus headache that just wouldn’t quit. Then I fell behind on everything. Ask me about laundry mountain, I dare you. Other things went on but I barely stayed … Continue reading

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