FO Friday: The Finished Objects Of Others

Since I have nothing of my own to share today I thought I would show you a few things I bought a couple of weeks ago. I went to a craft show/sale a few weeks ago and it was amazing. There was so much to see. It was really overwhelming to be in a room with all that creative inspiration. I had a hard time deciding just what I wanted to bring home with me. In the end I picked the three things I knew I’d regret not getting. At the top is a snowman Christmas ornament. I like to buy a new ornament for our tree every year and some how I didn’t get one until now. I think this was meant to be on our tree. The next two are greeting card with photographs of Motif #1 in Rockport. I plan to frame the cards and hang them in the living room. They bring back lovely memories I have of vacations spent on Cape Ann when I was a child.


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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5 Responses to FO Friday: The Finished Objects Of Others

  1. Lisa says:

    You chose well! I love the ornament 🙂


  2. Marilyn says:

    Sweet ornament! I love snowmen.
    The cards will be great as pictures. Good idea!


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Nice choices! 🙂


  4. Kepanie says:

    How smart to buy cards that remind you of happy memories! Great way to surround yourself in a positive way.
    I like the ornament. I want to start a tradition with my girls to do that, buy a new ornament every year. I used to go downtown w/my grandmother and see the MACYs holiday windows.


  5. Pumpkin says:

    I love those cards, they are such calming scenes.


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