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Obviously There Is Something Wrong With Me

I was driving down the road yesterday heading off to do one of a million things that had to be done when suddenly into my mind jumped a sweater pattern and the uncontrollable urge to cast it on. What? I … Continue reading

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It Grows

Remember I showed you the paper whites my mother bought for me? Well, they have been growing, slowly, but growing. My mother’s amaryllis has already begun flowering. I suspect I know why hers was so quick and mine so slow. … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Cardigan Day 11

On Monday nights I meet with my knitting group. It is a high point in my week. I love to see what everyone is working on and hear how things are going for them. We are a diverse group of … Continue reading

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The holiday baking has started early this year because of a couple of parties. The first one takes place tomorrow at Kumon. I have a few recipes that I like to make for giving and/or sharing. These are choc-oat-chip cookies. … Continue reading

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Well That Was Quick

I can’t believe how quickly a long holiday weekend can pass. We spent two of those days at home just hanging around and doing, basically, nothing. Now that Thanksgiving has passed we are headed straight towards the craziness that is … Continue reading

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Whatever It Takes

Do you ever get a craving for something and then have to adjust what you want to fit the requirements for those you cook for? I do this with many a meal. I happen to like pancakes now and then. … Continue reading

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Cardigan: Day 7

Thursday I had H try my cardigan on. I knew if it fit her it would be a bit roomy for me. Her shoulders are broader than mine. I was very pleased to see how well it fit her so … Continue reading

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