Peaceful Weekend

Things here are rarely peaceful but somehow we managed to have not too busy weekend. N had cub scout events both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The husband was able to take him to both which left me at home where I was able to knit in peace and catch up on some DVDs that have been sitting on the night table.

I really enjoy a clever crime drama. There is something about the tension that makes me knit faster but still not make mistakes. It’s a win-win. The new TV show Elementary has been one of the new fall shows that I have kept up with and been relieved to see isn’t going to be cancelled any minute. I knew there had been a Sherlock Holmes based drama on BBC and decided I should check it out. After all the British seem to do TV so much better than we do. FYI US Networks: We like smart, intricate dramas and have the brain cells to follow them. Stop dumbing things down. I digress.

Sherlock is very good. The acting is excellent and the stories clever. I enjoy the graphics on the screen when Sherlock is making his mental connections. The London backdrop is of course more accurate for Sherlock Holmes. I look forward to catching up on this series.

The other DVD I watched this weekend was an episode of Wire In The Blood from season 6. I love this series. It’s gory and dark with really twisted criminals. I feel like when I watch this I see just how bad people can be but I know this is only a tip of what really goes on. The acting is fantastic and the stories horrific but well written and very believable. Sometimes I find that I’ve gotten so caught up in the story that I’ve stopped knitting.

I highly recommend both.


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5 Responses to Peaceful Weekend

  1. Marilyn says:

    Wouldn’t be able to watch Wire in the Blood. I get uncomfortable with Criminal Minds and so I think this would be too much for me…
    But Sherlock sounds interesting. The British really do better tv than what is offered on U.S. tv.
    So glad you had a good weekend! 😀


  2. Kepanie says:

    My husband and I like Elementary also! I ❤ Lucy Liu; she's such a great actress.


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Glad you got in some quality knitting time this weekend – PLUS DVD watching – yea!! We like Wire in the Blood also and have lots of catching up to do on that series. And Elementary is a favorite also. Will have to check out the Sherlock series.


  4. Susan says:

    I’m glad you reminded me about Elementary. I saw the first two episodes, then couldn’t figure out when it was on (must have been pre-empted by the endless political debates), so I’ve gotten out of the habit of watching it. I shall have to try to find it On Demand to catch up. I haven’t seen much Lucy Liu but I do like her, and I’ve always liked Jonny Lee Miller (aka the first ex-Mr. Angelina Jolie).


  5. Pumpkin says:

    Oh wow, you know when I saw that you liked Sherlock I was actually going to recommend Wire in the Blood to you, I love how you beat me to it! Another great British crime drama is Luther, it isn’t quite as gory, more phycological. I definitely agree that the British do TV much better than we do (counting down the days until Downton Abbey!).


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