We have a rule at our house about insects: If they come inside they die. Outside they can live a good long life. This spider had been hanging out by the backdoor but after a frost the other night disappeared. I intend to stick by the rule but I don’t know if I’ll be the one to scoop her up. After taking her photo I feel like we have a personal relationship. I don’t promise anything though.


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8 Responses to SPIDER!

  1. Michelle says:

    We had a spider a few years back. He made an elaborate web across the bushes outside our front windows. He went missing for a week or so and reappeared on the side window of our house (it took him some time to work his way around apparently). The kids considered him a pet and named him Dorito. He stayed there for quite a while. He eventually disappeared only to be found on that first warm day in the spring…petrified and hard as a rock between the screen and storm window…He lived a good life and made the most amazing webs šŸ™‚ RIP Dorito


  2. Lisa says:

    If I had seen her outside my house I would have run screaming and then attempted to find a diff way to get into my house from now on lol. I am not good with big bugs. But I am glad you are enjoying your spider.


  3. Marilyn says:

    Spider webs are fascinating. Spiders themselves, not so much. But I suppose you could trap and release it back outside if you find it in your house! šŸ˜€


  4. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Hey, you’re all set with your Halloween decorations! šŸ˜‰


  5. elpalchica says:

    You can come visit our one, on our front bushes. Very pretty on a dewy morning.


  6. Susan says:

    I am too squeamish to kill insects, and I usually inadvertently kill them when trying to relocate them from inside to outside, so I practice the art of not noticing them as much as possible.


  7. Kepanie says:

    Uh, ew! That thing is huge. Those are my rules too; outside you’re fine; inside prepare to die.


  8. Pumpkin says:

    Wow, that spider is really interesting looking, I’ve never seen one quite like it! I don’t love spiders but they don’t bother me either. In my opinion they are better than the pests they eat.


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