Tuesday Tidbits

Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about.

  • Now that summer is over (yes, my heart just sank a little bit at that thought) I would be very happy if we just moved right on to winter. A killing frost and a layer of snow would be nice. I feel so allergic, runny nose, itchy eyes and as of this morning a dull headache and ear pain.
  • I always learn something new at Knit Night. There is a Hobby Lobby about 30 minutes from my house and I never knew. I suspect it won’t be the be all end all of craft stores but I find it exciting that there is somewhere else to go. Now to find the time to get there.
  • Also, Hobby Lobby will be my conciliation prize because we are now booked with other obligations every weekend with a fall knitting event. I can order some yarn online too I suppose.
  • Beth got her Wingspan and she liked it. YAY!
  • I’m toying with the idea of a new sweater. Yes, I know I have two in the UFO pile but they are not what I am thinking of. I want something warm, cozy, smaller gauged to wear around the house. Something like this or this. I think I have stash yarn for it too.
  • I was also thinking a vest might meet the requirements. What are the requirements? Well I want something to keep me warm when I refuse to turn the heat up. Groceries and oil are the two budget items I have seen the greatest price increases in. I also have some control over these. I am going to try to keep the cost of these as low as I can. That means the thermostat is staying down as low as we can stand it for as long as we can stand it. So yes, a vest. I really like this one and this one.

So what’s on your mind? Are you planning any new knits?

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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6 Responses to Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Lisa says:

    Ya, I want it to be winter already too, I am dressing like it now anyways though, it’s been so cold. And I really think you should knit a sweater or vest, because it’s that season. They’ve been calling me lately also. Congrats on finding a hobby lobby,and also on your friend loving her wingspan!


  2. Renee Anne says:

    Just keep in mind that Hobby Lobby isn’t open on Sundays. It’s one of those quirky things about it.


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I vote for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan and/or the Tumbleweed vest! Go for it. I am still mourning summer, but at least my allergies have quieted down despite the lack of frost. I gave in last night and put the down comforter on the bed, but it will have to get a lot colder before the heat gets turned on! I think I’ll dig through my stash to find the Zauberball Crazy and get started on a Wingspan….


  4. Marilyn says:

    I thought I was ready for winter and snow too, until it snowed and I found out I wasn’t really ready after all! Just to early for me…
    I looked at your patterns. I really like the tangled yoke sweater. Pretty!


  5. Kepanie says:

    The Tumbleweed vest is terrific! I love that one and both cardis are pretty, esp. the Kate Davies one.


  6. Pumpkin says:

    Oh please make another sweater! You’ll need it when that winter weather you want comes your way! Sorry but I don’t like Hobby Lobby and won’t shop there for personal ideological reasons, Michaels however is wonderful.


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