A Whiny Dissertation on Thankless Tasks

Clean window with bottle caps that appeared overnight

I’ll try not to be whiny but I am tired of doing things that have no lasting benefit or reward. My life is full of these things. My biggest complaint at this point is housework. Stephanie talked about it the other day. Every chore I do is undone so quickly. I clean the house and by the time I get finished there is dust settling back where I started. I just spent 2 days taking down curtains, washing windows, washing and ironing curtains and rehanging the damn curtains. Of course then it rained! I’ve even been making the bed in an effort to have something feel neat and tidy. My mother would be shocked to read that but she won’t since she doesn’t “internet”. I think maybe my expectations are too high. When I was growing up our house was spotless. You could eat off the floor or anywhere else for that matter. Laundry was washed, ironed and put away without me even knowing it was done. Commonly we have a couple of hampers of in process laundry sitting in the living room. There was never a dirty dish in the sink when I was a kid. I think here our dirty dishes breed at night as the pile is always larger in the morning than when I went to bed. And the dust. I never remember seeing dust or a cobweb or even a hair on the floor when I was a kid. My house is littered with this stuff and it seems to pile up quicker and thicker when I clean it up.

I always say if I lived alone I’d live in a cleaner house but now I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I’m like Pigpen and I just don’t see the swirl of dirt that surrounds me.


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5 Responses to A Whiny Dissertation on Thankless Tasks

  1. Pumpkin says:

    We have a scientific term to describe that unfortunate phenomena: entropy. Things naturally want to go from an ordered state to a disordered states. You can’t stop it.


  2. Lisa says:

    I hate cleaning too. It’s not that it isn’t nice to come home to a clean place, but sometimes I am just lazy and don’t want to pick up. Good thing I live alone I guess!


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I saw a great sign one time that said “Boring women have immaculate houses” (or something along those lines). I am very happy to report that I am the complete opposite of boring (or at least that’s what the state of my house says about me)! Ha! 🙂


  4. Marilyn says:

    Yup, I can remember the clean house of my childhood too. But the house was my mom’s JOB…she didn’t have an outside job and that has to be why the housekeeping was so different then than it is now. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! 😀


  5. Renee Anne says:

    Our house is always messy. It’s not dirty in that I have bugs or anything…but the floors always seem to need vacuuming or sweeping/mopping, there are toys everywhere (I have a toddler who doesn’t understand picking up for himself), we have paperwork, laptops, bags of fibery goodness……

    It goes on and on. I’ll clean when I need to but I don’t lament the fact that the house isn’t spotless. It’s not worth it.


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