Garden Update

As you probably don’t remember we planted our garden back in May. We only put in a few tomato plants, a green pepper plant, a zucchini plant and a cucumber plant. At some point in late June we put in a few green bean seeds. H decided she was taking control of the garden this year so we let her. Overall it wasn’t a good gardening season for us. There were millions of weeds, mainly crab grass that just loves growing in our not so great soil.

H’s interest in gardening shrunk as the need for weeding grew. We have been able to eat a couple of tomatoes, some beans and a zucchini. Hopefully we’ll get another few tomatoes and a cucumber but I’m calling this year a failure. Remind me next year that I’ll handle the garden. It’s the only way if we expect to get anything edible out of it. I’m also going to put down some black plastic as soon as this season is over and see if I can kill off all that crab grass.

This you may remember. Back when we were on vacation the husband bought a lemon tree and it has been thriving on our back porch. To tell you the truth I thought for sure it would never grown but it sure has. I’m really hoping that when the weather changes, we can feel hints of it at night, it will continue to do OK in the house.


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3 Responses to Garden Update

  1. Marilyn says:

    I think this year was a disaster for gardening all over. Nothing thrived here either…
    But look at those pretty new leaves on your lemon tree! Excellent.


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Well, I can’t blame H for not wanting to weed…At least you’ve gotten to sample a few things from your garden. We gave up on having a “regular” vegetable garden due to too much shade, too many critters, etc. Now we have a container garden – everything is planted into pots – no weeding! Or very little anyway. We put all the pots on top of our upside down canoe, which sits on some big buckets so the whole thing is elevated – critters can’t get to it! The only downside is that it needs daily, sometimes twice daily watering. 😦 After all that, we didn’t have a very good crop either, except for the lettuces did really well, and a pathetic crop of very small tomatoes, which J said were very tasty as I don’t eat plain tomatoes (I know, I’m weird, but I’ll eat salsa by the bucketful, tomato sauce, etc.). Hopefully next year will be better. Awesome lemon plant, though!


  3. Kepanie says:

    Oh boy what a start. And dang them pesky weeds!
    Did you try damp newspaper before covering w/soil? I’ve been seeing pins about that on Pinterest. Read it’s more effective than that weed paper.


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