Furniture: Antique, Vintage Or Other

I am hopelessly sentimental and often get attached to the dumbest things. The red chair is one of those things. When I was a child this chair was white and belonged to my grandmother. I loved to sit in it when I would visit. Many times I heard how it was her chair from first grade. I don’t know how true that is but first grade for her would have been about 1905 so this little chair, which I just received when cleaning out my aunt’s home, now lives in my living room. It’s age makes it an antique though it’s condition makes it crap. I still love the little chair.

This mission style rocking chair was in my aunt’s cottage in Maine when I was a child. I have very few memories of visiting there since she sold the cottage when I was still quite young. One very strong memory I have is standing in this rocking chair looking out the window watching the lobster boats collecting the lobsters from the traps. When I close my eyes I can still smell the ocean and picture that view as clear as if it was yesterday. I know nothing about when this chair joined the family but I suspect it was in the cottage when she bought it.

The chair has an unusual finish. It’s sort of black & red and with age has an alligator skin look. Where the finish is worn away there is oak visible. I remember my grandmother sitting in this chair when her Alzheimer’s was quite advanced. She would rub her hands over the ends of the arms of the chair and rock.

I was quite curious about this chair so when it arrived a few weeks ago I flipped it over to look at the bottom and discovered the tag. I was able to find a wiki about the Binghamton Chair Company but no real information about the chair. It is numbered (176 written in pencil) which I think is fantastic.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to straighten out the dining room (at least one room is presentable at this point). I had all my vintage plasticware stacked on the built-in hutch and it looked like crap. We had a trip planned to Ikea so I thought I’d look there for something to hold everything in one nice neat piece. I decided on an Expedit shelving unit. Turned on it’s side it makes a perfect sideboard. There is plenty of space to store the plastics and some cloth baskets to hold placemats, napkins and tablecloths.

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5 Responses to Furniture: Antique, Vintage Or Other

  1. Marilyn says:

    I love your chairs! And I never think to turn a bookcase sideways but that is so cool. 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    Such sentiment. I wish I had antiques like that. I think that their age and history really makes them special 🙂


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I really love the old chairs – they have such character! Great memories for you, too. Nice job with the sideboard (although I see a lot of empty space on top of it and I am totally jealous because I would already have the top of it filled up with stuff too – ha!). Well done on all the decorating projects!


  4. elpalchica says:

    I especially love the red chair by the fireplace. Reminds me of my favourite place in the world, where I would sit by the fire all evening on my summer and Easter vacations. The fireplace was red, not the chair, but it’s very evocative nonetheless.
    The sideboard is fantastic! It really shows off your collection because the black and white are such a great backdrop!


  5. Kepanie says:

    How wonderful you have these chairs full of history! I still have the baby/childhood dresser my grandfather fixed up and varnished and also the hippo stool he put together for me.


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