The Whole Story

Or as much as I can tell in one sitting.

When we found out that H was graduating from college we wanted to give her a special gift, but really it was all of us that got her through college so the gift had to be for everyone. H has been asking to go back to Walt Disney World since our last trip when she was in fourth grade. The husband and I booked the trip on the sly not telling H or N what we had planned. Once H had her diploma in hand we told her and then told N. H was beside herself with excitement. For days she went on and on about this memory or that looking forward to the whole adventure. N, on the other hand, was far more concerned that he was missing the last two days of school.

We decided to drive to Florida to extend our vacation a bit. Along the way we talked about what we would see and do when we got to Florida. There was a lot of “are we there yet?” and “how much longer?” from N. He’d never spend two and a half days in the car.

We arrived early enough on the day we were to check in to our hotel that we had time to kill so H wanted to see the Kennedy Space Center. She is such a science nerd. Of course she loved every minute. It was a beautiful day but boy is Florida hot! I’m glad we had this time to get used to the temperatures and relentless sun.

Finally late that afternoon we headed to our hotel (by far our favorite military perk) and checked in. Above is the view from our balcony. In the mornings we were able to watch a flock of turkeys walking around eating off the greens and a hawk sat at the top of the light pole looking for something to eat.

The days at the parks are a blur of memories. The husband and N did all the roller coasters and loved every single one.

After a couple of days H and N looked like all the other visitors, tired and blinged out in Disney gear.

In our hotel lobby.

We hated saying goodbye to Mickey but we did. We then pointed the car north and drove home.

As for the knitting, well I think I knit one row the entire time we were away. I did most of the driving on the way down and on the way back I was too tired to even think about knitting. I would say we need a vacation to recover from our vacation.


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6 Responses to The Whole Story

  1. Marilyn says:

    What a great gift for the whole family! It sounds like everyone had a fun time. DH and I went years and years ago BK (before kids) and still talk about riding on Space Mountain. 😀


  2. Pumpkin says:

    Kennedy Space Center was definitely my favorite thing about visiting the area. I’m so glad that you all had so much fun! You probably needed a little knitting break : )


  3. Vanessa says:

    How was the resort? Hubs and I have been talking about staying there as well since we qualify.


  4. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Welcome home! Sounds you like you had a great family vacation!!


  5. Renee Anne says:

    I hope to take Little Man to Disneyland/world someday. We’ll be much closer to Disneyland but we’ll see. I have family in Florida in that area so, perhaps Disney World is in order instead.


  6. Kepanie says:

    What a great graduation gift! I love how you surprised her.


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