That Itch

No no no! The itch to knit something new. I’ve got it and it won’t go away. I keep finding myself hanging around Ravelry looking at lace. Yes, in my mind lace shawls equal summer knitting. It’s really a shame I’m not a shawl girl because I would be more than thrilled to cast on a gorgeous lace shawl like Evenstar. This shawl takes my breath away. It is so lovely. Sadly I know it is a way bigger challenge than I can take on at this time. So I’ve scaled back my dreams and am looking at some shawls that I can knit while I have children and the husband underfoot. I was thinking of the Holden Shawlette. It’s lacy and delicate and would look lovely with my winter coat come fall. There is also the expanse of stockinette which I would enjoy as much as the lace. But then again while looking at Ravelry I did see some beautiful multicolor shawls. I just love Color Affection and Stripe Study. Stripes are so fun to knit.

So here I am with the itch to cast on something new but there are too many things to chose from. Do you have a suggestion? Maybe I’ll cast on another pair of socks while I decide.


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9 Responses to That Itch

  1. Natalie says:

    I just finished my stripe study and I love it! But it is all garter stitch which might not scratch your itch for lace… It is lovely though πŸ˜‰


  2. Michelle says:

    I just cast on Color Affection…and I just finished Shaelyn. Shaelyn has some good stockinette bits too πŸ™‚ I’m going to wash and block it today and maybe even blog about it!


  3. Lisa says:

    Well, all of those shawls are amazing, and I’ve been bitten myself by the shawl bug so it’s hard for me to help you. But I think that you need to go with what you’re feeling. If you want to finish an old project first, do it! If you want to try something new, do that! Sorry I’m not much help! 😦


  4. Marilyn says:

    I’ve looked at Evenstar too. It IS gorgeous but it’d probably take me a year to finish! πŸ˜‰
    Traveling Woman was a fun shawlette to knit. Not very lacey though so you might like Holden more…. Have you looked at Haruni? I just loved doing the edging on that one. It was more of a pain to block though and it has a crochet cast off if I remember right.


  5. elpalchica says:

    Well, it’s better than no knitting mojo…


  6. Pumpkin says:

    I feel the exact same way, the lace weight shawls are so beautiful and I would love to finish one someday, but the time and the challenge are just beyond me right now. I really like the look of the shawlette, I think you should give it a try!


  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I could totally see you wearing the Holden Shawlette!


  8. Leslie says:

    I am working on Holden, I like it. I used the whole skein for the body and a solid for the lace – I want it larger. You can see it here, if you want;


  9. Kepanie says:

    Ooh! Do do that Holden one; it’s so lovely! I LOL’d at your opening.


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