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Still here

A few years ago I wanted to plant a Clematis so badly but after having bad luck with everything I planted by the light pole I was discouraged. I did end up planting three in the same little area over … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Mojo, What Mojo?

I’m not feeling it. The urge to knit seems to have up and left. You would think that after finishing the sweater from the bottom of the UFO pile I would be flush with knitting joy and knitting excitement. *Yawn* … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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Garden 2012

So I had to take my mother to the garden center to pick up plants for Memorial Day. Just walking around the garden center makes my slightly green thumb throb with the need to plant. I picked up just a … Continue reading

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Another Milestone

Congratulations to Marilyn for leaving the 2500th comment here on the blog yesterday. I’ll drop something fun for you in the mail on Tuesday! Thanks for all the comments!

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FO Friday: IOU A Real Blocking

Dear Hey Teach Sweater. I know it has taken me forever to finish you. I don’t even dare to look back and see how long ago you were cast on. I will guess a year but I suspect it’s closer … Continue reading

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From The Absolute Depths

This sweater is from so far down in the UFO pile it wasn’t even with the UFOs. I had tucked it into the back of a closet where I thought for sure it would linger forever. But I have to … Continue reading

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