LaLaLaLa I Can’t Hear You…

N came home from school the other day with a pot that they had planted in school. The seeds had not yet sprouted so we have been anxiously waiting for some action. Yesterday we noticed a bit of green poking through.

Hey, you said I’d be done today. It’s Friday you know. I’m still sitting here naked as the day you cast me off. What the hell are you doing? 

Excuse me, I’m writing a post here about N’s plant. So as I was saying, the seeds are beans! N is quite excited to see them coming up. Last year when they did this little project his beans didn’t sprout. There was a bit of an over-watering problem. When he brought the pot home from school the seeds were floating.

Hey, no one gives a sh*t about some stupid seeds sprouting. They want to see me so get off your a** and get my shell done so I’m not sitting around here looking like a sprout myself. 

We are planning to plant some beans in the garden this year so I hope we can add these too. N will be interested in eating the beans if they are the ones he grew himself.

OMG DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’m Sheldon and I NEED my shell so stop talking about f*cking beans and get to work. It’s Friday and you said I’d have it on Friday. 

Would you please watch your language! There is no swearing on the blog, particularly not the F word. It is early Friday morning and I have all day to get you done so relax and wait your turn.

What? Like that sweater that’s been sitting over there since before I was yarn. It’s so depressed and you don’t even notice. 

Let me get my needles and yarn. Suddenly I’m looking forward to sewing you up.

Wait what are you going to do with that needle….


~ by nothingbutknit2 on April 13, 2012.

8 Responses to “LaLaLaLa I Can’t Hear You…”

  1. Sheldon is my kind of fellow! You better get a move on before he gets really p*ssed and stages a hostile takeover or something! Happy Friday! Love the bean…Abby had a similar problem with her grass they planted, overwatering. Unfortunately no one in my house has a green thumb….we can barely keep a spider plant alive 😉 So no “re-do” on the grass plant 😦


  2. Hahaha! Too Funny! Sheldon’s attitude will probably change when you start using that needle. 😉
    I hope the bean continues to grow and that you have good weather for planting outside…


  3. Thanks for the great laugh this morning!


  4. That is sooo funny! Watch out Sheldon, she’s got the needles!!


  5. Yep. I think Sheldon and I would get along just fine.

    Now, go finish him so he’ll shush…….


  6. Does Sheldon need his mouth washed out with soap! LOL. Who would have thought turtles were so impatient. He seems like such a mild mannered little guy!


  7. Potty-mouth Sheldon! Who knew? 🙂


  8. Bwahahaha! This really made me smile, and that’s a chore early in the morning 😉


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