Revising History

I know I’ve talked about some of this before but it’s what’s bubbling around inside my head so I must let it out.

On Friday nights I like to watch “Who Do You Think You Are”. I’ve done just enough research on my family to know where the skeletons are and who liked revised history better than the facts. Watching people learn things that they didn’t know about their own family always stirs up my interest in getting back to my research. Genealogy is a time consuming hobby. No really, knitting takes way less time. I could knit a floor length fair isle coat on size 0 needles in less time than it takes to uncover a particularly well concealed relative. This week I “discovered” the second marriage of my multi-great grandfather in the 1820’s. I guess that explains why I haven’t been able to find him with the rest of his first family who moved to the US. These are the “hardy Irish Catholic stock” that my grandmother used to speak of only now I know they’re Scottish and Methodist. Of course my favorite part of all this is on the marriage license, my multi-great grandfather’s occupation is listed as Shepherd. I guess the wool thing is in my genes.

I did finish the Opal socks yesterday. I will tell you all about them on Friday. I’ll also be confessing about casting on some more socks but I needed something else to knit at Knit Night that was easy.


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3 Responses to Revising History

  1. Marilyn says:

    DH is interested in geneology and a good friend of mine is also. Me, not so much…I’m not certain I’d like what I found! My friend sent DH ideas for where to check for info so if you need any ideas I can get that to you…
    You always need a pair of socks on the needles! 😀


  2. chrisknits says:

    I may have mentioned this before, or not, in our family we have horse thieves. Well, actually, the nephew of two sisters and a brother tried to kill the three siblings so he could inherit the horse farm in Ky. Thankfully he didn’t succeed. it is amazing what you find. Oh, and then the great-great-grandmother who’s last child came a bit late, or so she said, to cover the fact her husband was dead before she conceived. The daughter born has a decided Cherokee look to her, which the other children had not. And then there’s the great-aunt who swore she was one age, but the census belied her claims. She didn’t want to admit to her age!! LOL. She also kept from her husband the fact she worked in a cigar factory during WW2. She was a hoot!


  3. Renee Anne says:

    Genealogy is the bane of my existence right now. I’m stuck on one of my great-great grandmothers. Actually, I take that back…I’m stuck on a couple of them. The men I have no trouble with…but those elusive women, especially in the mid-1800s. I know one of my 2g-grandmothers was born in Watertown, WI but she had such a common last name in that area that I’m not finding anything. I’ve seriously gone through about ten families with that last name in that area and haven’t found anything. Then there’s the other one…I know what the name is but not how it’s spelled…if it’s German, it’s spelled one way; if it’s Norwegian, it’s another; if it’s Swedish, it’s similar to the Norwegian with a couple vowel changes…..


    I finished a project, too 🙂


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