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This photo was taken about 10 minutes before a snow squall started yesterday. It snowed for a very short amount of time and everything was covered with nearly a half inch. It was like a weather tantrum. Heavy snow fell … Continue reading

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Again And Again

I’ve used that title before. I can tell because the permalink comes up with a -2 on the title. Oh well, we’ll just have to live with that. Remember how I was craving bacon. Well I solved that with a … Continue reading

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You Learn Something New Everyday

I was watching something on TV the other day and they said that your brain uses a lot of unrelated information to make connections and figure things out. I find brain things really interesting. For as long as I can … Continue reading

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This Weeks Yummy Goodness

Anyone who has read here for a while knows that when it comes to food we tend to obsess about things for a few weeks and then move on to a new obsession. Last week when I did the big … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Singlemindedness

As obvious as it may seem, knitting on one thing for an entire week ensures progress. I think I have finally reached the tipping point on the socks. I will get this pair done and no doubt I’ll be excited … Continue reading

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Randomy Stuff

I’ve got a few things that I’d like to talk about but none of them are “enough” for a full post. I completed the first TGIS Day Sock and started the second. I consider this a major accomplishment and a … Continue reading

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Weekend Lessons

We had a bit of snow on Saturday. It was light and fluffy and looked so nice falling. Spending my Saturday looking out the window should have been a sign. So should have all the time I spent cruising the … Continue reading

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