Sunday Squee!: It’s All About The Customer Service

If you have a delicate stomach or frighten easily you may want to skip the first photo. It is the perfect scene for a knitting horror story.

Remember the other day I alluded to some yarn issues I’d run into when knitting Cassidy. I bet you all thought that I had bought too little yarn or hadn’t noticed that the dye lot was different on some of the skeins. Nope. As I knit through the first of the six skeins I had bought I ran into the above issue on two of the skeins, over and over at regular intervals. These cuts were throughout the two skeins and honestly if I hadn’t already made it through most of the sweater before running into the worst of it I would have just stopped. But I had so much done and I loved the way the sweater was coming out. My original purchase of this yarn had been months, no seasons ago and I could tell this wasn’t as issue with the yarn shop so I contacted the distributer. Ella Rae yarn is made in Romania so short of buying a plane ticket this seemed the best route to take. I wanted them to know that the issue was obviously a manufacturing one and figured they knew who to talk to.

I got a very nice email and was told they would like to send me more yarn but sadly 133 is discontinued. I suggested another couple of colors that I really like as they suggested and a few days later this arrived in the mail. 10 skeins of Ella Rae Classic in # 12 grape. Thank you Knitting Fever for showing me that you care about my knitting happiness.

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~ by nothingbutknit2 on November 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “Sunday Squee!: It’s All About The Customer Service”

  1. Yep, that color is definitely more appealing in quantity. 🙂


  2. Sounds like great customer service! It must have been very frustrating to keep running into cuts like that…did you have enough yarn to not use those skeins or did you do lots and lots of joins??
    The new yarn is a great color and waiting to be another sweater, perhaps? 😀


  3. I love good customer service!


  4. Wow! Lucky you, although luck had nothing to do with it. Sorry for the problems you had with it.


  5. Huzzah! Glad they sent you new yarn. That’s a really weird problem to have had. I’ve never seen it before, thank goodness!


  6. That’s reassuring to know that good service still exists!


  7. So nice to hear when customer service comes through!


  8. Great customer service! That is horrible to find in each skein that breakage. I’d be pissed! Glad they addressed your issue and hooked you up.


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