The Little Blind Dog

I haven’t talked about the dogs at all lately. They are getting old. It’s really hard. Picasso has a birthday on Friday. He will be 13 years old.

Yesterday I decided to give him a grooming and b-a-t-h. He is always cold so the first step on grooming day is to turn the heat up. He’s the only one I turn the heat up for.

After a quick and blood-free trimming with both scissors and the clippers, I popped him in the kitchen sink. Yes, he acts like we are the meanest people in the world when we add water.

After a quick wash with baby shampoo I wrapped him in a fluffy warm towel. Believe it or not he’s not as evil as he looks. He was quite relaxed and very happy to get away from the water. I carried him around and kept him warm while his fur dried. He was waiting for the final step though. He loves the final step more than anything else.

~ by nothingbutknit2 on October 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Little Blind Dog”

  1. I wish I could give mine a sink bath. I have to drag their 30-40 lb selves into my shower. I think I am going to have Hubster install one of those hand held shower thingies. He hates them, but then, he isn’t trying to lift wet dog to rinse them off!

  2. Just like a baby…have a bath and then go to sleep! Sweet.

  3. I love that little dogs get all snuggly post-bath.

  4. This was definitely bath day all around. Pearl sends her condolences and says, “I feel your pain, buddy.”

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