One Of Those Posts*

My house is a mess. No one puts anything back where it belongs. Most don’t pick up their own dirty socks from the floor where they dropped them. I am frustrated that I am the only one who does anything. I need a better way to clean rather than to just kill an entire day and then have the whole place be trashed 2 days later. I am trying Flylady again. It didn’t stick the first time or the second but maybe this time I will end up with a routine I can follow and not kill any of the people that live here. Have you tried Flylady? Did it work for you? Do you have any other suggestions? Moving every time the house gets dirty would be cost prohibitive.

*My mother would faint if she read this. Her house is pristine. Think museum with a full time staff. You could eat off her floors. There is no dust. I think it’s not allowed.


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4 Responses to One Of Those Posts*

  1. Michelle Spengler says:

    I used Flylady before and liked it…..not sure why I stopped. Some of the routines stuck….most did not. I am feeling the same these days, frustrated to be the only one cleaning and then feeling like I was just spinning my wheels all for nothing. I find its even tougher when the kids are home for the summer.


  2. Marilyn says:

    You have my sympathies!
    I haven’t tried Flylady but I made the boys help clean. One would vacuum, one dust and the other would put things away. I think it made them understand what the job consisted of. I was totally frustrated with the whole process too until I said, “You are going to help”.
    Another way is how a lady I know cleans house…she does a room each day. I guess it works for her…
    Moving when the house gets dirty…you crack me up!
    P.S. My MIL had the perfect house too…it was her life to keep the house clean. o.0


  3. Chris says:

    Ah, but your mother doesn’t have kids in the house. I haven’t tried Flylady, I avoid cleaning at all costs. My trick? I am allergic to solvents and cleaners. I start coughing, can’t breathe, sometimes break out in hives. Most people think I am faking it, but Hubster has seen the reactions so he knows I am not. But the pick up your shicrap (a word my sister invented) is hard to keep up with. Especially with two kids and two dogs who won’t keep their shicrap put up. The solution? We bought a two story house and the kids sleep upstairs. I never go upstairs! Except to my yarn room, and then I just don’t look in their rooms as I pass.


  4. Kate says:

    I don’t flylady (it’s too regimented for me), but as a kid, our house was spotless, and child labor was the reason. No one left our house before noon on Saturday—8-12 was cleaning: floors, windows, beds, etc. I still do that now. Every night, I pick up and such, but Saturdays are for scrubbin’. H is home, N is old enough: CLean!


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