A Kind And Gentle Reminder

I have two children that I parent. I am not their “best friend”. I am their parent. It is my job to guide them through their childhood/young adulthood and mold them into contributing members of society. I take that job seriously. There are times when my children don’t like me very much and frankly, there are times that I don’t like them a whole lot. I set the rules and I run my house, the house in which they live. When they pay the bills and their name is on the deed it will be their house and they will set the rules. I love my children very much and they love me. They have a very clear picture of what is expected and how things work in our family.

It is very easy to have children but extremely difficult to raise them. As I go through my day I see more and more people who aren’t doing the job they should with their children. Saying no isn’t a crime. In many cases it shows more love than saying yes. Setting a good example is what’s important. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is crucial. Sometimes you need to step back and realize what is important and what isn’t.


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5 Responses to A Kind And Gentle Reminder

  1. Cathy says:

    Very well said Karen – I feel EXACTLY the same way! I work in a Pre-K through 8 school and see children “running the show” much too often. It doesn’t make for a pretty, happy or healthy situation.

    It makes me grateful for the children I have and the way my husband and I have raised them. They aren’t perfect and neither am I, but they are respectful, kind, considerate people that I am very proud of.


  2. Chris says:

    Amen! I am dealing with a situation where another young lady is causing my daughter problems. I am friends with the mom. I am finding other’s parenting skills need to be revised, but how do you tell someone that. And not that I am the model parent, but when did we get away from teaching our kids that common courtesy and kindness is expected. Good luck to you.


  3. Marilyn says:

    Amen! I agree with you. When the boys were young I used to say my best word was No. I used it often and without fear.


  4. KathyInIowa says:

    I remember when my son was about 12…. I always loved him, but there were days that I didn’t like him. It all passes though, and if you do the hard work, they are productive, loving (and still lovable) adults. Nobody ever said it was easy though!


  5. Kathleen says:

    Yesterday in the car somewhere on 95 in CT Isobel announced that we “always, only say ‘no'”, which made me and Nick roar, since it had been a day where we had ice cream for lunch and bought them each a little toy that they wanted without complaint. Eventually we got her to laugh and realize that we say “yes” quite often, just not all the time. I work really hard to make my children realize there are other people in the world, to be respectful and so on, but it’s not easy and not everyone feels it’s important (sadly).


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