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So Proud

Yesterday was the annual Kumon Award ceremony. I am so proud to tell you that N received four awards. He got two in math: one for the advanced honor roll for being 3 years ahead of grade level and one … Continue reading

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Confession: Is It Possible To Have Too Many Handknit Socks?

Once upon a time I used to wear store bought socks and I never gave them a second thought. When I first learned to knit socks I just tossed them in with my regular laundry. As my collection grew I … Continue reading

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Saturday Silly: Tech Support

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I am alone

Well, as alone as it gets around here. The humans are all gone. The only sounds are the furnace and the little dog snoring. I have two choices: clean the house or knit. Can you guess which one I’m going … Continue reading

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Again And Again

We’ve had more snow and another day off from school. I am just starting to get a little worried about N going to school into July. Notice how much higher and wider that pile by the back stairs is getting. … Continue reading

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A Letter

Dear Technology, Why have you been screwing with me? I did nothing to you. First you disabled my laptop. So I bought another and now you have gone and killed the display. I will crawl inside the first one and … Continue reading

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What’s A Girl To Do

I’ve had plenty of time to knit on the sock. As you can see by the gray row of stitches that doesn’t belong, I have made it past the spot for the heel and am moving quickly down the foot. … Continue reading

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