Stash: It’s A Good Thing

My next door neighbor is a knitter. (How cool is that. Hi L!) She asked me to go to the local knit night a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go but I plan to go to the next one. She told me that they are collecting for Knit For Boston so I went into the stash and picked out a skein of Ella Rae Amity leftover from H’s sweater. I have cast on another Turn A Square hat. This is a great pattern and I’m thrilled to be knitting it again. I’m also really glad I had something in the stash that I could use.


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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1 Response to Stash: It’s A Good Thing

  1. KathyInIowa says:

    I just love that sweater pattern. I have had it in my mind ever since I first saw it….several weeks ago. I’m just not sure I am up to a sweater project right now. So…I will be watching your progress with enthusiastic interest!!!


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