Happy Friday!

If you’re here for the knitting you can move along. I knit for a while last night but not enough to bother with a photo. Hopefully there will be great progress during my wee bit of leisure time over the weekend and post a photo Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

Anybody left? Not that it matters I need to have a little chat with myself.

This week has been very good. There was knitting and some cleaning. H contacted (via email) without being nagged first. N has been happily counting to over 100 repeatedly until my ears are ready to bleed. I have skipped through my days enjoying what seemed to be a responsibility free life and it was so good. Unfortunately I have been in denial. Days are passing. Things are approaching. I can hear them in the Christmas music on the radio. I can see them in the turkey on sale ads. There are hoildays arriving and other events that seem to cram themselves in at the same time. My calendar is filling up and I am ignoring it. This is doing nothing for getting me ready. Here is my to do/must do list:

  1. H and 6 friends are arriving for the day Sunday. They are making the rounds to the hometowns of each of them. (Michigan will be interesting.) I have promised to provide transportation and lunch including fresh baked cookies.
  2. Monday morning I must take my mother to her doctor for the second of what may be many visits for a large cut that has been slow to heal.
  3. Monday evening is Thanksgiving dinner with the inlaws. This is the most/least stressful event of the week. I have to do nothing but attend. See what I mean?
  4. Tuesday morning the husband, N and I have an appointment at USCIS sometime between 10-2. It’s first come first serve. N is getting his Certificate of Citizenship, hopefully. This involves getting up early enough to ready everyone and getting to the subway parking lot early enough to actually get a parking space.
  5. Tuesday afternoon we have to pick H up. This is fairly stress-free assuming she is packed and has her phone on when we arrive.
  6. Wednesday is all about the meal for Thursday. Everything must be baked and peeled and prepped. There will only be 5 of us for dinner so it won’t be too hard. Also I should leave some time for house cleaning. Once H arrives things tend to get cluttered quickly.
  7. Thursday cook a large meal and clean up after it.
  8. Before I accomplish any of these other things I have to make a list and shop for all this food which is the plan for tomorrow. I have to go to the bank too.

But today is Friday and I have nothing pressing today so I shall continue my denial for one more day, well, except for list writing which shall take place all day long as I think of things. Stay tuned there is a big holiday in December and I haven’t started shopping for that yet. That one will be a little harder to pull of if this denial continues…


About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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