I Am A Selfish Knitter

Guess what I worked on yesterday? YES! The Must Have Cardigan sleeve. After leaving this to sit while I completed the wristers and worked on the sock I had forgotten how fun it is to knit something intricate. It took a few rows to get back into the swing but now I’m there and it feels so good. Sorry the photo is less than stellar or actually rather sucky. I have the stitches squashed on a too small needle to really show the sleeve well spread. Also as I was trying to take this photo the camera battery died so I am tethered to the wall by the cord and bent at an odd angle to get some decent light. I included the ruler (a 15 inch one!) for scale.

Let me say a few words about this pattern. I love the sweater. Cables are my favorite knitted thing and I love cardigan sweaters. The biggest drawback to this pattern is the sizing. The largest size, which they call a large, has a finished chest measurement of 41 inches. This will work for meĀ IF my gauge is correct. If not, not only will I have to reknit the sweater, I will also have to rework the pattern. Had there been an additional size say with a finished chest of 44 inches I may have made that one just in case but along with being a selfish knitter I am lazy. This one will be a watch and see.

I have already mentioned twice in this post I am a selfish knitter and now I’m mentioning it again. I like to knit for myself. I appreciate what I knit. I know how long it takes and how expensive it is compared to store bought. I don’t solely knit for myself but at this time of the year when other knitters are knitting their fingers to the bone completing gifts for family and friends I like to remind myself that I will only knit for the knit worthy. All the others get store bought.


About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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